Byte 1

The data is a collection of customer records who rented a bike from Citi Bike in New York City at Feb 21, 2015.

I am trying to ask a couple of questions here:

1. Is this sort of biking more popular among men?
2. Does the time in day when people rent the bike affect how long their journey is?
3. What is the age distribution of the customers, and what is their usage pattern?

Q1: Gender

This simple pie chart shows that indeed a majority of the customers are male.

A manual legend here:

0 - unknown
1 - male
2 - female

Q2: Trip Start Time v.s. Trip Length

Some insights from exploring this visualization:

1. From 8 a.m. to around 3 p.m., most people choose to use the bike for a relatively short period of time.
2. It is surprising to see from the data that people rent the bike so early in the morning! (e.g. from 0 a.m. to 5 a.m.) It is very likely that the time zone is actually wrong, as the low activity period mentioned in (1) should be the night time. But if the data is correct, this is a very interesting finding for the bike company.

Q3: Age v.s. Trip Length

Again some interesting findings:

1. Dots are more clustered toward the 1980-1990 age group, so this service is more popular in younger people.
2. But older people tend to rent the bike for a longer period of time, at least for several of them...